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The time has come… for homemade pasta

So I was planning on visiting the Tennessee State Museum today. Not because I’m a huge fan of Tennessee history, but because it’s free. And now that I’m a resident of this state, maybe I should learn more about it. However, looking on their website for directions and parking (while watching the olympics of course), I found that there is no free parking available. If I went on the weekends, I’d be able to park in the city lots near the capitol building for free. And since I’m only really going because it’s a free museum, I’m certainly not going to go if I have to pay for parking.

On to plan B for Tuesday. I have until 9:30pm tonight when I have to pick up K from the airport. What to do? And more importantly: what to do that won’t require spending money? The life of an intern who has a monthly stipend of $90… (don’t laugh!). I could easily spend the day watching the olympics, but I probably should get a life. I’m already hoping that there won’t be anything too super important on tonight between the hour of 9-10pm, since my airport trip will interrupt my USA-cheering abilities. I took advantage of the cool, breezy weather on my balcony and finished my latest book: Julie and Julia, a great account of a woman who takes on the crazy project of cooking every recipe from Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” in 1 year and blogging about it. It was a fun read, reminded me of the fits I’ve thrown when stuck in a hot kitchen with one too many things going on (or perhaps wrong). You sometimes wonder whether it’s all worth it, the money, the time, the yelling, but then you eat your creation and of course it always is. :)

Which brings me to the point of today’s post. I’ve decided to finally tackle homemade pasta. I have a pasta maker that I bought for $10 at a garage sale in 2006, and it is still in the box. My college roommates can laugh at this, because they have heard me say numerous times “Yes, this weekend I’m going to make pasta. I have nothing much going on, and no tests to study for next week, so this is the weekend for fresh pasta. I’m going to do it!”. And of course, something comes up, and the pasta maker is still collecting dust.

So, wish me luck. It actually shouldn’t be that bad, once I get the machine cleaned up and a recipe ready to use. Perhaps we’ll see what Mark Bittman says on the topic. And then, tonight I can feast on a delicious pasta meal (with those overpriced whole foods tomatoes!) and watch some more olympics! I’ll keep you updated :)


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