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The Olympics are here!!

As I write this I am sitting in my condo watching the parade of nations finish up during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony. What an amazing show it has been! I don’t know what it is about the Olympics, but I just love these 2 weeks that only come around every 4 years. Oh wait, the Aussies just came in – Aussie Aussie Aussie… Oi Oi Oi!!

I could say a lot about the olympics and how excited I am about it, but I’ll try not to ramble (you can thank me later). It’s such a fun time. All the amazing stories that come out in these few weeks are so inspiring, about the feats and obstacles that some of these athletes have overcome to be here. It’s probably one of the few times when I put aside my personal issues with athletes and just celebrate their skills. Afterall, that’s the point of the Olympics right? To celebrate everyone and have fun, cheer for your country and not worry about all the political junk going on.

So who am I cheering for? Well obviously the USA. But the Aussies too, having lived there for 6 years. In fact, one of my schoolmates is representing Australia for rowing. So everyone watch for Kim Crow and cheer her on! She was always a super athlete in our school, set school records in every sport. Running was her main thing, but after an injury left her retiring early, she picked up rowing a year or two ago, and is now in the olympics! Of course, I’ll be watching for all my tennis heroes: Roger Federer, Lindsay Davenport, probably will cheer for Djokovic too. Not for Nadal, sorry. Spain has had enough fun this summer. Oh and by the way, today is Roger’s 27th birthday and he got to carry the flag for Switzerland, so yay for Roger! I am curious, if anyone knows, why do so many of the flagbearers seem to all be competing in judo? Just wondering…

Swimming is always one of my favorite sports to watch. But honestly, I’m not a huge fan of Michael Phelps. I saw him swim at a meet in college, and he didn’t impress me that much, plus his underbite makes him look like an oversized terrier. Sorry everyone. I have plenty of other talented swimmers to cheer on. I heard them say that Grant Hackett will be swimming for Australia, trying to win his event (1500m) for the third time, which no one has ever done, so go Grant!

Watching the heads of state has been entertaining as well. Bush seems to be easily bored as shown by his frequent watch-checking. France’s Sarkozy, or as I call my friend “Sark”, stubbornly refuses to take off his jacket, and is therefore getting quite sweaty. He could just be like Italy’s Berlusconi, who decided that it was just too hot in Beijing and therefore should stay home in Italy to watch the ceremony.  haha

I find it amusing that ExxonMobil is apparently the sponsor for the opening ceremony (along with Chevy), and yet their business is preventing my dad from watching most of the olympics. He’s stuck in Nigeria for business meetings, and it’s killing him that he can’t be here, sitting (or wait, standing) in front of 12 inches in front of our new 62 inch TV. Luckily, Mom got the DVR up and running today, so he’ll have it waiting for him.

So, for the next few weeks, I plan to spend a lot of time sitting on this couch, keeping up with the games. Good thing that the internship doesn’t start for a week, I have time to burn :) Maybe this experience will bring back some of my Chinese speaking skills. Yeah, probably not. 3 years of Chinese classes and all I can really say is “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Thank you”, “Do you want a hamburger?” and “My mother has a big butt”. Oh dear…

Go team USA! Go Roger! Go Aussies! Go World!


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