Getting settled in the Music City

I finally flew back up to Nashville yesterday and am up here for good now! It’s crazy to think that I won’t be seeing my family until Thanksgiving, but I know the time will just fly by! I was greeted at the airport by my new roommate, K, and everything has been great! I still have a little unpacking to do, and a few handy-man type things to do around the condo, but I have time later to do that. Now I’m just spending time getting back into the routine of living on my own again and making my own decisions. Grocery shopping was fun, back to all my healthy RD2B foods! I have to get serious about my healthy eating/living now, can’t start my internship and let the others know about my kraft mac’n’cheese eating!! haha.

Speaking of the internship, K and I took a walk to the medical center this morning from our condo (yay for being able to walk to work!). We walked through the Children’s Hospital (adorable inside!), the main hospital, the Cancer Center, and the outpatient clinics. The medical center is surprisingly simple to navigate, so we don’t look too lost wandering around. We then set off to find the cafeteria (of course!) since we’ll be working there to some extent, and have been promised free lunches. I was super super disappointed. For a medical center this large, their food offerings to visitors and staff is no bueno. The cafe in the hospital had a hot line with 2 entree choices (neither vegetarian) and sides. In the children’s hospital, the food court has a coffee shop, Ben & Jerry’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway, and the same cafe with a 2-entree meal. This leaves a lot to be desired. If this is my choice for lunch everyday, I’ll just keep bringing my favorite peanut butter and banana sandwiches, in my new sandwich wrap I made a few weeks ago (say goodbye plastic sandwich bags!).

But I’m hoping that we just missed the big cafeteria. For a medical center of this size (and prestige), they just have to have a better food selection!! When I visited Baylor’s program, I remember the interns bragging on their cafeteria with a selection of sushi, large salad bars, make your own sandwiches, pastas, etc. So now I’m sad.. :(

The heat here is pretty bad. Nothing worse than home, but I’ve been out and about today more than I usually do at home. The walk to the hospital and back left me completely sweaty and blistered (my poor feet have been spoiled with 4 months of living blister-free since the half-marathon.. haha). The condo pool is looking better and better! My roommate, K, is from Wisconsin, and thus not used to this weather, so it’s a big adjustment for her. And I may be a Texan, but I still hate the heat. I’m looking now at the indoor-outdoor thermometer. The 100.8 degrees reading is just depressing. Although it was 102 when I started writing this, so maybe I should be pleased with the decrease. Or maybe I should just turn the thing around so I don’t see it!?


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