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Home is where the boxes are…

Just finished the big move up to Nashville. Here are some thoughts to sum up the trip:

  • It was so strange to see the campus again, but for the first time as an alumni. I guess it hasn’t completely sunk in that I’m no longer a college student; part of me still feels like I should be buying textbooks and starting a new bunch of classes in a few weeks!
  • Packing when it’s in the upper 90s and full sun is not fun. And not being able to shower afterwards because you’ve just cleaned the shower and packed up the shower curtain is definitely not fun.
  • One last dinner with the former roommates at our usual restaurant. They’ll still be living together next year, still going to classes, etc. They better come visit me in Nashville!!
  • Filled up for gas at the Exxon in Dalton, GA, and was amazed to calculate my gas mileage for that tank at 45 MPG. Either Dalton’s gas pumps are a little screwy, or my Toyota Matrix is even more amazing than I thought!
  • Moving into a high-rise condo building is not fast when you have to use a grocery cart.
  • The assortment of people in my building should make for some good stories this year. A nice balance between young and old, students and great-grandparents, and some families too. There is an Asian family living above me, who seem to all jump out of bed at 1am and run around crashing into things. There’s also a very talent pianist down the hall from me.
  • The ceiling fan in my kitchen seems a little too low. How do I know? If I open one of my cabinets, you hear this “tick-tick-tick-tick-tick” sound that will drive you crazy until you realize that that’s the blade of the ceiling fan whacking it several times a second. Good thing I’m short!
  • So far I’ve met most all of the doormen in my building, and the president of the condo association. They’ve all been very hospitable and nice. I don’t know how the remember every person who lives in the building, but I guess that’s their job :)
  • Nashville seems like a great city: not too big, traffic is so much easier than Atlanta, airport is only 15 minutes away (yippee!), and plenty of wonderful grocery choices nearby, including Whole Foods! No more driving for an hour for a culinary adventure. And a Trader Joes coming soon…
  • Downside to Nashville? Mmmm, too much country music for my liking.

One Response

  1. Just to remind you of a fellow Texan’s lyrics:
    I wanna go home to the armadillo
    Good country music in Amarillo and Abilene
    The friendliest people and the purtiest women you’ve ever seen.

    (Jerry Jeff Walker)

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