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Save the date: 8.31.08 for The Human Race

I’ve been seeing these Nike ads throughout my community for “8.31.08 The Human Race”. At first I had no idea what this was; a new movie? Some bizarre social experiment? Seeing Nike endorsing it, I went to their website and found that it’s a 10K race occurring on the same day all over the world. You can sign up to run the race in a big city near you, or run a 10K on your own using your handy-dandy Nike+ ipod thingy and be connected with all those other runners worldwide. The goal 1 race, 1 day, 1 million runners. They also help you with a training program – again either with groups or with your Nike+. And, the money raised goes to 3 charities: The Lance Armstrong Foundation, The World Wildlife Foundation, and ninemillion.org

Of course, there’s no mention of walkers. I think these big athletic companies (and the majority of runners) have this superiority complex against us. Oh well. I actually did a little running last night – went out for a quick lap of the neighborhood (exactly 1 mile) while my gnocchi was firming up in the fridge (the gnocchi turned out delicious, but that’s another post altogether). I was proud of myself, took about 12 minutes for the mile walk/running it. I have been reading a little in Chi Running, and their philosophy for beginner runners makes sense: listen to your body, stop running when you find that your breathing and steps are out of sync, run as slow as you need to until you get into a good rhythm. Which is what I did. Families probably saw me out of the window while sitting down to their family dinner (if this even happens anymore) and wondered why on earth I was running so slowly (or if I even could call that running). But hey, I finished the mile in a good time for me, and no hip problems at all. So, I’ll keep with these small distances and work my way back up. And on August 31st, you will find me participating in The Human Race. I won’t officially be a part of it, since I don’t have an ipod nano to use with the Nike+ (nothing beats my little clip on ipod shuffle!) but I’ll still be out there with the thousands of other athletes around the world. Hope you can join us!


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