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Kudos to…

Today I’m congratulating some deserving people/institutions.

First up, the Emmy nominations. I was pleased to see that all my regular shows were recognized!

  • Brothers and Sisters: outstanding lead actress (Sally Fields), supporting actress (Rachel Griffiths), casting
  • House: outstanding lead actor (Hugh Laurie), drama, directing,
  • The Office: outstanding comedy, lead actor (Steve Carell) supporting actor (Rainn Wilson!!), directing, picture editing, sound mixing, writing,
  • Project Runway: outstanding cinematography, host (Heidi Klum), picture editing, reality-competition program
  • Top Chef: outstanding cinematography, picture editing, reality-competition program

Speaking of TV shows, the season premiere of Project Runway was last night. Unfortunately, our DVR has broken (thanks a lot Comcast, we’re on our 5th box this summer!), so our lives had to be scheduled around this show. I got dinner done early (a fabulous pasta dish taken from Mario Batali’s Lupa restaurant) so we could watch it. My thoughts on the show? Well, I still miss the cast from season 4. After you’ve invested months of watching the show and learning the personalities of each one, you get used to them and don’t want to see them go. So now we have a bunch of new people to try and learn. I felt bad that Jerry had to go so soon, at least he made an outfit and didn’t wait ’til the last minute, unlike Miss Garbage Bag. It’s hard to pick favorites this early, but I do like Jennifer, the socially-awkward girl who lived in Florence. Although she looks just like Leanne, so I get them confused. I think for the first 3 episodes or so they should all wear name tags to help us viewers. haha. My sister and I have also decided that Wesley looks like Prince William. Anyway, we’ll see how the season progresses!

The other congratulatory note goes to my future ’employer’, Vanderbilt Medical Center, for being named one of the top hospitals in the country by US News and World Report, and for making it to the ‘honor roll’ for the first time! The honor roll is a list of the 19 most elite hospitals in the country that are highly ranked in at least 6 specialities; so not only are you great, but you’re great at a lot of things. Right up there with Mayo, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Mass Gen, etc. Great job guys! I’m sure it’s all your amazing dietitians that got you there :) Surprisingly, no Texas hospitals made the list, even from our world-renowned Texas Medical Center.


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