Cookie Adventure: Part II

I know you’ve all been waiting to hear how my cookies came out. Turns out that the New York Times knows what they’re talking about; I am now a believer of letting your cookie dough rest 36 hours for a better cookie!

I even set my alarm this morning so that I could bake the cookies at 8am and be as close to 36 hours as possible. :)

The pros of this method: the cookies did seem to have a better texture. Flavor-wise I can’t tell how much better they were. My mother and sister are both convinced that I altered the recipe; they swear they can taste bacon in the cookies. I have no idea what they are talking about. I baked my Hillaries like I always do, straight from the original recipe of the woman herself.

The downside to waiting 36 hours: there appears to be an inverse relationship to the amount of dough in the mixing bowl and time. I made 3 dozen cookies this morning, although I’m sure the recipe can make at least 4 dozen. Question is: if mom/sister were so convinced that the cookies tasted like bacon, why did they continue to eat the dough? I don’t know, maybe they like bacon cookies. Maybe they’re turning into dogs. I could start baking them little schmakos or something like that.

So, my verdict: if you can wait, and you have the space in your fridge, I do recommend resting your cookie dough 36 hours before baking. Have fun and happy baking!

(by the way: if you’re interested in cooking cookies/desserts from other politicians, go here)


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