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Today’s thoughts

Today’s post doesn’t really have a theme or topic, it’s just a collection of things going through my head. Sorry to disappoint you.

1. Last night I went to see the Houston Symphony do a Pink Floyd show. It was interesting to say the least. My Dad is a huge Pink fan, so he was really looking forward to it. We had fairly good seats way up high, which induced some anxiety in my Mother (who now vows to never return to the Toyota Center, and now Jones Hall). A wide range of people in the audience – the usual, well-dressed season ticket holders for the Houston Symphony, and the big Pink Floyd fans dressed for a rock concert. A good time was had by all :)

2. We’ve finally made our plans for the big move to Nashville. So I have a little less than 2 weeks left in Texas before we head up. I get one day in Athens to pack up my apartment. I wish I could have more time in Athens; I know I won’t want to spend what time I have there shoving things into boxes. However, I know I’ll be coming back to visit people and places, so it’s not a final goodbye to the classic city. Renting a minivan to fit all my junk in has become quite the hassle. We were planning on picking up a rental car as we pass through Atlanta, and return it in Nashville. Yeah, well it turns out that everyone is out of rental cars, and Hertz has a minivan, but for $550 for two days!! I think not. So now the plan is to pick up a rental car in Birmingham the night before, which will save us a few hundred dollars. This will be the last Texas –> Athens drive we ever make, don’t think I’ll miss it at all!!

3. My left hip flexor has somehow become aggrevated, causing me problems for any walk over 2 miles. Very frustrating, it’s hard to believe that I never had any injuries during my half-marathon training (not counting my million blisters), and now that I start walking occasionally during the summer I can’t get home without limping. 6 miles last monday, hip flexor started acting up at mile 2 or 3. I took off the rest of the week so I could let it rest, did lots of stretching and yoga, and felt good. Yesterday, went out for 5 miles, and it started up by mile 2. I have no idea what I did to upset the poor little muscles, I’d really appreciate it if they’d fill me in. I haven’t changed anything; same shoes, same legs, same music and speed… So I guess my plan of action is to rest it, and to give up my long distances. Stick with 1-2 miles until I can do that without problems and gradually build back up. And keep stretching and yoga-ing.

4. Two weeks left for summer cooking at home. There are still some things I’d like to tackle. Namely, homemade gnocchi, and some baking. I feel the need for good homemade chocolate-chip cookies. And after reading a very insightful article from the New York Times on the perfect cookie recipe, I feel armed and ready!

2 Responses

  1. could you make the chocolate chip cookies soon??? Please? I have a need for them!

  2. Please hurry with the cookies!!

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