The greatest tennis I’ve ever seen!

Good evening everyone – I can’t believe I have spent my entire day watching the Wimbledon men’s singles final. I woke up at 7:30, coverage started at 8am, and the trophy was handed out at 3:30pm. Wow. The longest Wimbledons final match in history: 4 hours and 48 minutes. (all that other time was due to 3 rain delays… that allowed me to actually take a shower, get dressed, and be somewhat productive during the day). It was truly an amazing game, the best tennis match I’ve ever watched. What I would have given to be there in person….

I was so into the game, especially during those 3rd and 4th set tiebreaks, which luckily Federer won. And by the time it got to the end of the 5th set, I honestly just wanted the game to be over! Both Nadal and Federer were playing pretty much the same. No, it wasn’t Roger’s best. I’ve never seen him hit the net so many times in one match, and I know if he had held onto his lead in the 2nd set the match would have been his. But when it ended the way it did, just waiting for one of them to crack and lose his serve in the 5th, it was anyone’s guess as to who would win. I’m happy for Nadal to have made such a great accomplishment, but feel terrible for Federer. I mean, everything has been built up to this game, can Federer be the first man in a million years to win 6 in a row? Can Nadal be the first since Borg to win the French and Wimbledon back-to-back? Blah blah. All the statistics sound like a broken record after a while. And trying to play with all the hype around you, and the theories that this is the start of Federer’s demise… well that just makes me mad, and probably angers him as well.

They were both very gentlemanly (a word?) at the awards ceremony, congratulating each other. Even Nadal said that Federer is still the champion, still the best, but he’s so happy to have won. And poor Roger, he said this is his “hardest loss by far” but that Nadal played extremely will and was a deserving winner. I think I would be a much bigger Rafa fan if it wasn’t for Federer, I just love him too much to cheer on anyone else!

Pictures: here’s the boys after last year’s final. Another 5-setter, but Roger managed to win this one.

And here’s from tonight: the first time Roger has ever been the runner-up at Wimbledon. But his monogrammed cardigan was adorable :)


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