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Robot Love

Went to see Wall-E today, probably the first movie I’ve seen since January (Bucket List).  It was an adorable movie, well done Pixar! There was a surprisingly diverse audience: the usual families with kids, but also a good chunk of adults and older adults. Not so many twenty-somethings such as myself, but I don’t really represent normal living for a 22 year old :)

Anyway, I thought the movie was really well done. Aside from the graphics/animation/computer stuff I know little about, I’m glad to see a movie with an environmental take-home message. Hopefully it’ll get some kids thinking (and better yet their parents too!) about living a greener and less-wasteful life. The whole idea of us completely trashing Earth and running off to some other land seems crazy on the movie, but is it really? In fact, you can see this exact phenomenon in my house. It’s called my sister. When I went to college, she found that instead of cleaning her bedroom and bathroom, she could just move into and trash mine. Every once in a while we get her to ‘recolonize’ her own room, but it usually doesn’t last.

But, I digress. Back to Wall-E. I also found it humorous that the human species had evolved into a herd of weebles essentially – large blobs that talk to those around them via wireless devices, consume excessive liquid calories, transport themselves around without using their own feet, and are completely oblivious to the world around them. Gee, that actually sounds like many Americans today. It’s kind of scary to see that this movie isn’t actually that far-fetched at all. I hope it really is a wake up call to people to be more responsible for their actions and take care of the planet.

After the movie, I went shopping, bought some scarves at Gap (they’re having a wonderful end-of-season sale) and decided to save plastic and not get a bag. The cashier looked at me a little funny, and I’ll admit that I felt like a thief shoving merchandise into my purse on my way out. But I really did buy them, I even have my receipt! And… I got my real Barnes&Noble order in the mail yesterday with “The Green Book” so I can learn lots of easy things to do to help the environment. Stay tuned to hear more exciting ideas from Miss Green over here, even if my family thinks I’m nuts :)

In other news, tomorrow is of course the 4th of July. We don’t have any big exciting plans here. My sister is on-call for work, so that could blow any plans for a cook-out. I still haven’t even finalized a menu (bad bad!), but know we’ll be having tiramisu (random, yes, but delicious). I should get on that. The Houston Symphony has their free Americana patriotic concert tomorrow night, which we go to every year. Although this year it will be conflicting with the swimming olympic trials… good thing I remembered. I should set it to record.


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