These shoes are made for walking…

So I’ve really been missing my walking lately. The trip to Europe was great, we logged an average of 10 miles a day. And the weather was perfect for strolling through Paris/London, no sweating at all. I may have been cold at some moments, thanks to the wind, but we bought scarves in Paris (to fool everyone into thinking we’re locals) which helped. I do believe that the 10 miles a day was what prevented me from gaining weight on the trip – if I had been sitting here on my rear end eating croissants, crepes and chocolate (the 3 Cs) everyday, my pants wouldn’t go around me!

And that is precisely my problem now. I’m back in Texas, where everything is bigger (except price stickers) – cars, food, houses, and probably my waist line now. Sitting on the couch watching Wimbledon all day and thinking about what to cook for the next meal isn’t helping anything…

So… yesterday I got up early and went for a brisk 3.5 miles before the sun was completely awake and able to inflict its damage. Got back in time to watch the tennis too! I will say, I am not in the same shape I was when I finished my half-marathon. And really, how could I expect to be? That was 3 months ago (still can’t believe that!), and I was walking ~20 miles a week. Now I’m lucky if I walk 5 miles a week. Which would explain why my hip flexors were so sore afterwards. Seriously, I had to slow way down for the last half-mile, which is pathetic.

Time for plan “get my rear back in gear”. Unfortunately, the only time of day that I can go out for multiple miles without sweating myself into a puddle are before sunrise or after sunset (and even that’s bad because the mosquitoes are waiting for me). So, I guess I better start waking up early for some good walks. Maybe every other day. I can manage that. And since I did nothing today, guess who’s getting up early tomorrow? :)

I even started looking up walking groups in Nashville, and I think I found some walkers through Nashville’s running club – the striders. I just really miss my Team back in Athens. I always looked forward to those Saturday mornings (well, not every week, but usually), and fed off of their encouragement and support. I’m still hoping to work with the Nashville TNT team this fall, but if that falls through, I want to train on my own for Country Music Half Marathon next April. Is that crazy to do on my own? I don’t know.

So now it’s after 11pm, which is late for me. And since I’m getting up early tomorrow, I better stop writing for now. I know once I get myself back into a routine, things will be much better :)      right?


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