Tennis and Reusable Bags

Rainy Saturday afternoon here in Houston. We’ve been getting our usual afternoon storms everyday now, never lasts long though. It’s great weather to stay inside and read a book. Or watch the tennis, which I’ve been doing every day for hours. So far, Wimbledon has been full of surprises – Ivanovic, Djokovic, Sharapova, Roddick, all out! My sister has recently fallen head over heels for Tipsarevic, a very hairy Serbian who plays wearing goggles and some weird nose bandage. Whatever; she can have him if I get Federer! haha.

I received my Barnes & Noble online order yesterday, much to my excitement. I had ordered “The Green Book” to teach me all about what else I can do to help out the environement. Unfortunately, I opened the box to find several seasons of the Carol Burnett show on DVD. Hmmm, definitely not what I ordered! So I guess my lesson on eco-friendly living will have to wait a few days until I get my correct order. I was at the grocery store with my dad today, who of course does not have a supply of canvas/reusable shopping bags in his car. So.. we ended up leaving the store with 3 plastic bags for our 7 grocery items. I tried not to pay attention to the guilt in the back of my mind. It’s not like I had my bags with me. I do have to confess, however, if I’m out shopping, and I forget to use one of my bags, I have been known to suffer a mild panic attack. Cashiers are getting better about my request to fill my own bags, or to not give me a bag and let me carry my purchase out. And everytime I see someone using their own reusable bags, I just want to go up to them and congratulate them. If we could somehow reward these people who care about the planet, give people an incentive, I think it would catch on much quicker. Hmmm, better think on that one. Until then, I’ll just keep collecting and using my own bags.


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