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Vegetarian in Paris

I started researching restaurants in Paris. Being on a fairly tight budget, I think we will be getting the majority of our foods from bakeries, patisseries (pain au chocolat here I come!), markets, and street vendors. Picnics in the gardens of Paris, mmm, I just hope the weather cooperates for us.

But, for the instances in which we venture inside a real sit-down Paris restaurant, I’m trying to prepare myself. I started looking into ‘budget-friendly’ restaurants today, and was amazed to realize that I cannot read a menu in french. In Italy last summer, although most of the menus had English as well, there was never any trouble. I’ve grown up eating and cooking Italian food all my life, so I can decode most any italian menu without much sweat. However, looking at that french menu today was a little of a mystery to me. I think I will have to carry a ‘cheat sheet’ with me of french food words so I can decode any menu. And I most definitely need to learn all the meat or animal organ words, so I don’t end up eating tongue or anything like that. Je suis vegetarian?

Checking out HappyCow‘s listings for paris vegetarian restaurants, there actually are quite a few, so I may drag my travel partner, (we’ll call her EMT here for privacy) to one for a lunch one day.

So here are some of our strategies for eating (relatively) cheaply in the city of love:

  1. Finding the local Monoprix immediately and stocking up on snack foods and drinks that we can carry with us during the day.
  2. Running by a bakery/patisserie each morning and eating our pain au chocolat while roaming the streets of Paris. I’m not entirely sure if France is the same in Italy, but I have a feeling that they also charge higher prices if you eat inside the establishment.
  3. Enjoying some picnics from foods/sandwiches we pick up at markets/grocers.
  4. Eat at restaurants for lunch rather than dinner to take advantage of cheaper prices
  5. Street vendors!! I am looking forward to my falafel sandwiches and crepes. I will say, completely honestly, that I will be sad not to experience an authentic french croque monsieur (unless I can find one sans jambon, in which case it’s not really a croque monsieur anymore)…. c’est la vie.

That’s all for now!

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