The week of pot-stickers

I have been waiting for the right opportunity to cook pot-stickers, and finally got around to it this past week. With my dad (the big meat-eater) out of town for business, I thought I could whip up a batch of these for my mom, sister and I for a light dinner. Don’t get the idea that these are quick to make, I spent at least an hour in the kitchen making the filling, and then filling, crimping, searing, steaming, and warming these little suckers (or should I say stickers?). But boy were they goooood. It looked like a little pot-sticker army I was creating, 48 of them all lined up on the cookie sheet, ready for their turn in the pan. Who would have thought that we could devour them so quickly? But with a good movie on TV, and several dipping sauces available, they disappeared pretty fast. I used Mark Bittman’s recipe on his blog Bitten is a starting point. I haven’t made pot-stickers since becoming vegetarian, so I was hoping that they’d still taste good. I decided to go with an all vegetable filling (cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, garlic and soy sauce). Next time I might try to work some tofu in to boost the protein content. But all in all they were excellent, and will be made again I’m sure.

In other news, I’ve been busy this week preparing for the events of the weeks to come. My grandmother and aunt are flying in this weekend for my sister’s high school graduation next week. This means cleaning the entire house, and creating a menu of meals that will work for vegetarians, meat-eaters, and super picky mid-westerners. We’ll see how it works. My sister is already throwing a fit that she has to change her choice of restaurants to accommodate their ‘taste preferences’ (another way of saying that if there’s not a hamburger on the restaurant, they’re not going in). So we will be making burgers at some point, as well as a gourmet mac’n’cheese night (Martha Stewart’s recipe of course), maybe fajitas one night. And I’m going to make my wonderful Tiramisu again, so this time I can actually taste it! I’m also trying to get itineraries planned for my upcoming graduation trip to Paris and London with my best friend / college roommate. I can’t wait! Apart from the gray drizzly weather that I expect to see, I’m so excited to head over to Europe again, see some sites and eat some yummy food. Well, London food doesn’t excite me that much, although they do have many more vegetarian options (probably because British meat is truly horrible). And in Paris of course, the land of pain au chocolat… need I say more? I plan to eat my weight in bread for those 10 days…. mmm.


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