Jamie Oliver, Rhubarbs, and Farmers Markets

Good morning all! I meant to post yesterday but got caught up with busy saturday activities. I had wanted to write about the episode of “Jamie Oliver at Home” that I saw yesterday morning, devoted to rhubarb. I will admit thatI have never bought, cooked, or eaten rhubarb, but am now quite curious about trying it. After a trip to one of my favorite food sites, TasteSpotting, I found an intriguing blog post about rhubarbs with a yummy looking recipe for a strawberry rhubarb galette. So, maybe that will be something to do sometime soon.

So back to Jamie Oliver. He was making some sort of rhubarb souffle/pudding, and was whipping egg whites with an electric hand mixer. Of course, those brits like to have fun words for everything… and so this was not just a mixer, or a hand mixer, or an electric mixer, but an Electric Whisker. I just about died when I heard that. I suppose it makes sense, they are just like 2 whisks hooked up to electricity after all, but the term Electric Whisker makes me think of someone’s facial hair or some sort of robotic cat…

Made a trip to the farmers market yesterday morning… very disappointing. I’ll admit that I give my town credit for trying to pull off a farmers market, and supporting local farmers and artisans, but it was not impressive. Maybe 10 stalls in all, with 4-5 of them actually selling foods. The rest were an assortment of dog treats, jewelry, flowers, etc. So, I didn’t come home with an exciting mix of fresh produce like I had hoped. I did buy some corn and strawberries, but nothing new for me to experiment with. Everyone had lots and lots of zucchini, and since I had just made a million zucchini latkes last week, I decided to pass. Time for a zucchini break. We’ll have to try the farmers market again in a few weeks and see what’s new… if anything.


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